Map for Water: An Atlas

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I came across a public call for maps back in mid-2016. It was for ‘Water: An Atlas’, the latest venture by Guerrilla Cartography, based out of Berkeley, California. I was fortunate enough to have had my map idea submission accepted for the Speculative Fiction section!

I worked with Melissa Brooks, who was the design cartographer on this project. She is a kiwi GIS/cartography guru, and did an AMAZING job helping to bring this future dystopian world of mine to life. You can find some information on her post here.

Lastly, before presenting the map, I’d ask everyone to please consider backing the Kickstarter project.

So, here it is – let me know what you think!


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Map for Water: An Atlas

  1. M Brooks says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Bryce, had a great time creating this.

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