The Author

Bryce Touchstone is an American Australian who was born and raised in Pontotoc, Mississippi. He completed his BS in Geography at Mississippi State in 2007, grabbed a passport, and moved to South Korea to teach English for a year. This was only the start of his travels around the world. From Alaska to Bermuda, Tajikistan to New Zealand, he’s been to over thirty countries to-date.

After living in Tajikistan in 2009/10 with his wife, Karen, they moved to Australia. He returned to Tajikistan in 2012 to conduct field research in the Zeravshan Valley for his thesis. While there, a grand story began taking shape in his mind and soul.

Today he lives on his property in Pontotoc with his wife and three-legged cat, Salvador. When he’s not traveling or reading he gardens by day and writes by night.